Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morobeans claim Amelia Earhart's plane is in their province

Hi Mr. Nalu,


In regard to your news reported on the National news for today
(03/10/08) on the findings of the wreckage or crashed site for Amelia Earhart by Australian researcher David Billings in the jungles of East New Britain will not be treated as true according to our findings.

Amelia has departed Lae and hasn't travelled that much distance across the Bismarck Sea and disappeared, we have some findings of wreckage already just within the vicinity of Morobe Province and are liaising with the American Embassy for further exploring of the located site, (somewhere between Bangeta and Pindiu mountains).

With this in the request of one of our workmate namely Groover Tiworing who is engaged in these findings will be flying out to Lae for break this Friday (05th Sept) and would call into your Lae office and present his part of the story, actually he would like to see you and present his findings to you.

Thank you very much and I would appreciate your respond of what you think about this story.

Kande dange,

Sam Natung.
(Lihir Island).

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